The Atoms Family covers the complex topic of energy using popular, gothic horror characters from 1930s Hollywood movies. The highly recognizable Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolf Man, Mummy and others have pre-sold appeal, grab people's attention and spark wide, diverse interest.

The Miami Museum of Science created a marketing campaign for Atoms which was very successful in Miami. These materials are provided as part of the package to venues renting The Atoms Family.

Venues have two major kinds of marketing images available relating to the characters to use for promotional purposes: drawings of the four main characters (Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolf Man, Mummy) and a selection of Hollywood black and white movie scene stills and portrait photographs of the characters (the four main characters plus the Phantom of the Opera, the Bride of Frankenstein, Igor and Creature from the Black Lagoon).

Use of the character drawings and the photographs is strictly governed by an agreement with Universal City Studios and the estates of the actors, each of which approved the character drawings as provided. Obtaining permission and securing all the rights for use of these characters was a challenge, and we were fortunate to have the generous cooperation of all parties involved.

Science centers may use the graphics and photographs as provided to promote the exhibit in any way, but not on any item for sale. Venues are prohibited from changing the appearance of the character drawings or altering the photographs. Use of the name and/or likeness of each character must be accompanied the copyright and trademark notices for Universal, and the corresponding character. All promotional materials must include the credit line, "The Atoms Family was created by the Miami Museum of Science. While the individual graphics cannot be altered, venues are free to create their own layouts and designs for their collateral material incorporating these elements.

Gallery shots for publicity purposes are also provided (on disk, photoprints and slides), along with sample releases and news articles. The Miami Museum of Science's goal is to provide a marketing package with The Atoms Family that is complete, convenient and a pleasure to use. We had a lot of fun with the exhibit and hope you do too!

For questions on the marketing of The Atoms Family please contact Iris Fuentes, at