Credits and Copyrights

Project Coordinator Judy Brown, Ed.D
Website design, layout, and graphics Brooks Weisblat
Educational Activities Carlyn Little
David LaHart
Ted Meyers
Brooks Weisblat
Illustrations Tery Vara
Sarah Gagliano
Brooks Weisblat
Editing and Review Teachers at Avocado Elementary
Judy Henry
Henry Pollock
  Natalie Brown
  Tony Puig

Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolf Man and Mummy are a trademark and copyright of Univeral City Studios, Inc., licensed by Universal Studios Licensing, Inc., all rights reserved. Dracula likeness courtesy of the Estate of Bela Lugosi, Bela G. Lugosi. Boris Karloff likeness licensed by Karloff Enterprises, Sara Karloff. Wolf Man likeness courtesy of Chaney Enterprises, Inc., all rights reserved.

Atoms Family Mummy Phantom Dracula Wolf Man Frankenstein Credits

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