Dracula's Library - Afterimage

Guess What?

Dracula has lost his pet bat and needs your help finding him! Help Dracula find his bat by participating in the following activity.

What you'll need:

Black cardboard paper cutout of a bat

Cardboard box lined with white cardboard paper on the inside

 What to do:

Stare at the black bat for at least 30 seconds.

Immediately stare at the inside of the white box.

So What?

What did you see when you started staring at the white box? You should have seen a faint image of the black bat that you were staring at. This faint image is called an afterimage. The cause of the afterimage is thought to be an adaptation of the sensory mechanism to a repeated or uninterrupted stimulus. For example, strong odors that seem to disappear after a while or how you don't notice the feel of your clothes after you have been wearing them for a while. Your eyes respond in similar ways.
Now what?

The retina is located behind your eye and contains light detecting cells.By staring at the black bat you were stimulating some of these light detecting cells more than others. These cells became fatigued and less sensitive. This created an afterimage when you moved your eyes to the white box. Now that you have the image of Dracula's bat in your eyes, help Dracula search for his long lost friend. You won't forget what his bat looks like for a while!

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