Dracula's Library - Reflections
Guess What?
Dracula has a hole in his roof, the sun is rising and he needs your help quickly! Participate in the following activity and learn how to reflect the incoming light out of his house.
What you'll need:

Small mirror



 What to do:

Setup the mirror and the protractor as illustrated

Use the flashlight to shine a beam as the ray in the angle of incident and note the angle of the beam on the protractor. The ray that strikes the mirror is called the incident or striking ray.

So What?

The ray that is bounced back by the mirror is called the reflected ray. Does the beam that is reflected in the angle of reflection show the same degree on the protractor?
Now what?

The angle between the incident ray and the surface of the mirror is called the angle of incident. Whereas the angle between the reflected ray and the surface of the mirror is called the angle of reflection. If you know one of the angles you should be able to figure out the other angle. Use the the mirror and protrator along with what you've just learned to reflect the incoming sunlight out of Dracula's house before its too late!

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