The Phantom's Portrait Parlor - Spectroscope of an Atom
Guess What?
The Phantom has provided you with a simulated spectroscope of an Atom! Amuse the Phantom by observing the spectroscope below and you'll learn more about the Atom.

What to do:
Observe the above simulated spectroscope of an atom. Watch how the single electron (yellow) is spinning around the nucleus (red).
So What?

Notice how much space is between the nucleus and the surrounding electron cloud. Even in a simple atom with only one electron, the electron moves in a random orbit, creating a cloud-like effect, as seen in this demonstration.
Now What?

Protons (found in the nucleus of an atom) and Electrons (spinning around the center of an atom) are electrically charged. Protons have a positive charge, and electrons have a negative charge. Neutrons have no electrical charge, and are therefore neutral. Particles which have opposite electrical charges are attracted to each other, causing the particles of the atom to stay together. Electrons are said to orbit around the larger nucleus of the atom. Sometimes these orbits are not circular but irregular in shape due to the electron pull towards the nucleus of the atom and against the other elements. Scientists sometimes refer to these energy levels as electron clouds.

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