Insect Bookshelf

Students in Ms. LoBello's class created a shelf of insect books to report what they discovered.

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Ant by Yoanny C.

Ant World by David Y.

The Happy Happy Grasshopper by Brittney B.

All About Snout Beetles by Lewis S.

Termite World by Chris W.

Those Pesty Bed Bugs by Eric S.

Ladybug by Carcy C.

The Pesty Cockroach by Scott R.

Firefly by Nicole O.

Mantissa by John A.

All About the Mosquito by Reymundo Z.

Moth by David K.

About Wasps by Michael B.

Bees by Robby P.

Praying Mantis by Daniel T.

Dragonfly by Laura B.

The Pesty Katydid by Shameka L.

The Walking Stick by Jeb C.

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