This unit was developed as an introduction to the world of "creepy crawlies". Living in Florida, the children encounter a large variety of insects. Working in cooperative groups the children made a list of insects that fascinated them. This was followed by listing facts they knew about insects.

The children then collaborated together and listed a series of questions they hoped to find answers to in their research. Each child wrote their report, illustrated their insect and assembled their information into an insect bookshelf. The finishing project was a class shelf of insect books.

Click on these books to enter the fascinating world of "creepy crawlies".

What We Know About Insects

What Do We Want To Find Out About Insects?

  1. Why do butterflies and caterpillars have a different amount of legs?
  2. How are cocoons spun?
  3. Why do baby dragonflies and mosquitos live in the water?
  4. Why do insects have antennae?
  5. How are butterflies formed in the cocoon?
  6. Why do caterpillars shed their skin many times?
  7. Why do baby caterpillars eat their shells when they hatch?
  8. What is the average life span of an insect?
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