How does a butterfly grow?

How does a butterfly grow?

by Mrs. Kilpatrick


How does a butterfly grow is an investigation into the life cycle of a butterfly. We will experiment with live caterpillars as they are going throught he four stages of development. We have placed caterpillars in containers and as they develop the students are journaling any progress that the see occuring. The kids now can see the outline of the wings in the chrysalis forming, and the shildren are asking and answering questions about this process.This has abeen a very large part of our curriculum, the children have been doina caterpillar-themes work in math areas and language art as well as science.

What We Thought We Knew

Butterflies can fly. -Priscilla S.

They have two wings. And they come out from an egg! -Yessenia M.

They can't fly without butter on their wings! -Brian S.

They live in a cocoon. -Catie V.

They eat leaves. -Courtney S.

They have two legs. -Craig V.

Questions We Had

How do eggs become butterflies? -Craig V.

How do coccoons become butterflies? -Catie V.

What is the difference between a cocoon and a chrysalis? -Mrs. Kilpatrick

What We Found Out from Books, the Internet, and Experts

We found out from internet sites about the life cycle of a caterpillar, the students took out books from the media center.

Priscilla S. read "Butterfly: See how they grow." Author:Mary Ling. Dorling Kindersly, New York. 1992. ISBN 1-56458-112-8. Library of Congress Card Catalog Number 92-52808.

What We Found Out from Experimentation

So far the catterpillars have moved to the top of the container and each has formed a chrysalis. You can still see the caterpiller inside the chrysalis, and this week you can see small frail wings surrounding the body of the caterpillar.

How We Showed What We Had Learned

The journal pages are being written, and also students will describe the life cycle of butterflies and they will give oral presentations on what they learned.

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