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A few words about the Internet...

"The Internet is cool because you can go everywhere." -Cody

"It's cool because we can look up things." -Gian

"It's cool cause I can look up 'Goosebumps'." -Justin

"I liked checking out animals like fish and deer on the Internet." -Brigette

"I like surfing the net the best." -Lisa

"The internet is AWESOME, because you can look at anything." -Milind

"The Internet is cool cause you can look up all kind of games on it. " -Nicholas

A few words about the forest...

"I think our forest was the best forest ever." -vironica

"There are all types of animals in the forest. I like the animals because they are cute." -Amber

"I did the forest floor." -Justin

"I learned alot from our forest and had fun making it." -Jennifer

"I had fun making the squirrel." -Iris

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