Science Projects at Avocado Elementary

Current Features

Ms. Carter's class has been studying the special adaptations of Northern Dogs.

Ms. Blews' and Ms. Olson's classes has just begun reporting their findings about the south Florida environment after Hurricane Andrew.

Ms. Langford's class went to the zoo and made their own web pages.

Ms. Delancy's and Ms. Johnson's classes have been studying spiders.

Several kindergarten classes have been studying Dinosaurs.

Ms. Rolle's fifth grade class has done research in preparation for an experiment with plant growth, called The Food Chain.

Ms. Boyd's fourth grade class has been studying Simple Machines.

Mrs. Lloyd's class has been studying Ancient Egypt.

Ms. Langford's, Ms. LoBello's, Ms. Kilpatrick's and Ms. Delancy's classes have been studying insects.

Mrs. Delancy's class studied tadpole growth. Find out what they learned.

This summer Avocado teachers had an unforgettable inquiry into pigeons.

1995-96 Projects

Mrs. Delancy's class has been studying the ocean.

Mrs. Langford's class has been studying forests.

Mrs. Patnode's class has been studying molecules.

The Science Museum of Minnesota visited us in December. We asked them questions about snow, and this is what they said.

Find out more about our camp-in at the Miami Museum of Science.

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