Student Observations

Outdoors Tadpoles
Our site of observation was the fish pond. It is located in a very large grassy area. There are a lot of plants and insects all around it. The fish pond is made up of rocks and cement. It was built by our school. The water in the pond is fresh because when it rains it over flows. Also, the water in the pond is green. There are lot of tadpoles in it. Melanie

There are tadpoles that live in the fish pond. Their enemies are sometimes other tadpoles. They eat algae. There are insects that live in our fish pond too. When the fish pond over flows some of the tadpoles are washed out and then they die. Marcus P.

Our fish pond is surround by trees and bushes. Some water bugs live there too. There is some trash and algae in the pond. There is a turtle pond too. Edward

When it is hot some of the water in our pond evaporates. The water level goes up and down. Jared

Tadpole Site The students once a week visited the tadpoles in our fish pond. Their assignment was to observe the physical changes that occurred. They took the temperature of the water and made notes of its depth. They also took into account the color of the water and the amount of algae growth.


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