Career Fair

Each program year, BioTrac hosts a Biomedical Career Fair at the Museum. In preparation, students complete a personal inventory to assess their own talents and areas of interest and also explore their preferred working environment. During the fair, students meet with professionals from a variety of scientific backgrounds who are currently engaged in interesting work in biomedicine. Students conduct one-on-one interviews, collecting information about the educational qualifications, workplace environment, responsibilities, and opportunities for advancement associated with specific professions.


To kick off the first career fair, the keynote speaker was Bob Burns, Ph.D., who is the Director of the Partners in Health Sciences (PIHS) program of the University of Arkansas College of Medicine. Live via videoconference from Arkansas, Dr. Burns presented information on innovative cancer research focusing on the trend of combining cancer biology and embryology as a vehicle for the study of cancer cell behavior. Burns explained this technique through lecture as well as demonstration using actual specimens.

Students from Little Rock Central High School were also part of the videoconference audience, participating in the Saturday educational event at the Health Hall of the Arkansas Museum of Discovery. Videoconference participants were able to see, hear and interact with each other, and with Burns, who encouraged and engaged both audiences in a lively dialogue. The lecture was co-sponsored by BioTrac and PIHS. The National Center for Research Resources at the National Institutes of Health (NCRR-NIH) funds both grants under its SEPA program.

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