Select students involved in BioTrac are eligible for placement in a six to eight week paid summer internship at a University of Miami research facility. The University of Miami Office of Undergraduate research regularly places students at the high school, undergraduate, and medical school levels in internship positions throughout its extensive medical complex. The internships further expose students to careers and post-secondary study in biomedical science.

BioTrac students follow the same procedures as University of Miami undergraduate students as they apply for summer internships. After completing the application and submitting a resume, the University's Coordinator for Undergraduate Research interviews prospective interns. Once past the initial interview, interns are then introduced to the department chairperson or supervisor of the lab to which they will be assigned. In all of the placements, students are trained in basic research methods and protocols. Upon completion of the internship, students submit a final report that documents their summer-long experiences and achievements.

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