BioTrac Program Replication

From October of 2000 to September of 2006, the Museum received funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) under their Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) initiative to develop a the BioTrac (Biomedical Training, Research and College prep) program. BioTrac represented a collaboration between the Miami Museum of Science & Planetarium and the University of Miami’s School of Medicine. The goal of the program, which served approximately 60 students each year, was to increase the pipeline of underrepresented students who are interested in, and prepared for, postsecondary study in biomedicine and health related sciences.

Initially three years of funding was provided to create the model program. A second phase of the project was funded by NIH which allowed us to continue serving students at the Museum through a demonstration project, while also extending the successful model to other youth-serving agencies throughout the country through a series of replication institutes.

The Museum hosted two replication institutes (February 2005 and January 2006), with the goal being to help existing and new youth programs in science centers and universities to incorporate BioTrac, or elements of it, into their ongoing programming.

Sixty participants, representing thirty-nine different institutions, attended our two institutes. Participants were from places as far spread and diverse as California, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, New York, Wyoming, Minnesota, Philadelphia, Oregon, Ohio, and Massachusetts. At the institute, participants:
  • Were introduced to key elements & best practices of the BioTrac model program
  • Interacted with and exchanged ideas between professionals from museums/science centers and universities
  • Interacted with youth who are participating in the BioTrac program
  • Provided with useful tools for engaging youth in biomedical and health related sciences.

BioTrac has been a great success for our students, colleagues, and university partners. We would like to share the materials that were developed during for the project and disseminated to participants at the replication institutes. Some of these documents are in a format that will allow you to revise them to fit your specific program, while others can be used as samples as you develop similar materials. We hope that you find them useful in your work with young people.

Please feel free to contact us at 305-646-4295 should you have any questions about the program or the materials.

Replication Materials

Table of Contents:
            General Program Information
                        BioTrac Application
                        BioTrac Grade Release
                        BioTrac Key Elements
            BioTrac Community Project Description
            Career Awareness
                        2004 Invitation
                        Career Fair Invite 2
                        Career Fair Invite Letter
                        Career Fair Skits & Cheers
            College Experience
                        College Tour Aftershock
                        College Tour Application
                        Sample Itinerary
            Research Internships
                        5 Point Report
                        Internship Guidelines
                        Internship Objectives
                        Internship Overview
                        Internship Supervisor Profile
                        Mentor Invite
                        Mentor Package Letter
                        Research Assistantships
                        Sample Resume
                        Sample Resume2
            Action Plan
                        Action Plan
                        Guidelines For Mentors
                        Mentees Opinions
                        Mentorship Program
                        Mentors Night Invitation
                        Mentor Welcome Letter
                        Career Fair Follow Up
                        Mentor Exit Survey
                        Parent Survey
                        Post Survey
                        Pre Survey
                        Student Tracking Survey
                        Supervisor Exit Survey

Hands-on Activities

Table of Contents:
Unintentional Injuries and Sports Medicine
            Bones: It's All About the Bone-jamins’!
            Bruises: You're Cruisin' for a Bruisin
            Car Safety: Step Up to the Mound, balloon Pitcher!
            Decompression Sickness: BioTrac vs. Buoyancy – The Battle
            Ergonomics: Ergonomic Alien Environment!
            Fractures: Frequent Fracture Miles!
            Windsurfing: Agent Windsurfer X, Let's Catch Some Air!

Environmental Health
            Food Safety: Chill Out!
            What Are They Doing to Your Food?
            So Fresh and So Clean, Clean: Pollution Patrol
            Clearing the Air
            Heavy Metal That Doesn't Rock
            What in the Water World
                        Activity Sheet
                        Water Pollution Quiz
                        Water Quality Index Scale
            You're Toxic
                        Data Sheet
                        Activity Sheet
                        Toxin Preparations and Dilutions   

Infectious Disease
            Reach Out and Touch Someone
                        Activity Sheet
                        Preventive Measures Survey
            The Basics of Microbiology
            The Culprits: How Clean is Clean
            Operation Antibody!
                        Activity Sheet
                        Case Study
            Diseases on the Run
            The Search for Patient Zero
                        Activity Sheet
                        Case Study
                        Set Up

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