The Waggle Dance

It’s like a movie set, but better, because it involved pre-schoolers imitating a bee dance. This was for one of our sessions where we recorded a teacher leading a science lesson with pre-school kids. She was part of our professional development program which helps teachers increase their confidence in teaching science. And making the movie was a way to create something that could help other teachers as well. As the movie producers, we had to wire the teachers with microphones, prep our actors, and make sure everything ran smoothly. Before we started, we taught the kids all the cool movie catchphrases – like “action!” and “cut!” – and asked them if they knew what the word invisible meant. (Because good actors pretend the camera’s not there.) This lesson was all about bees. The kids learned that bees do a “waggle dance” to tell other bees where the yummy flowers are, so they did their own waggle dance to lead their friends to pretty paper flowers. Lesson Learned: It’s never too early to start learning science, and it’s never too late to get more excited and confident in teaching it. That’s a wrap!


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