A Head Start for ECHOS

nhsaYou know you are doing something good in education when you get professional educators at a national conference to dance like honeybees. This month, Krista Kaiser and Cheryl Juarez presented a one-hour ECHOS workshop at the National Head Start Association’s (NHSA) 41st Annual Conference and Expo in Long Beach, California. NHSA’s Annual Head Start Conference and Expo is the largest national event devoted to the Head Start and Early Head Start community. Attended by executive directors, directors, administrators, managers, teachers, policy council members, and parents from every state, the conference introduces attendees to new curriculum ideas, policies and advisories, and of course lots of promotional items at the Expo center.

The ECHOS (Early Childhood Hands-On Science) workshop, titled Curriculum & Professional Development to Enhance Science in the Early Years, gave an overview of the ECHOS program and provided time for hands-on fun with lesson snippets from the Astonishing Air, Rainy Weather, and Busy Buzzing Bees units. A brave group of attendees volunteered to model the honeybee circle dance and waggle dance in the front of the group. Set to music and incorporating pretend flowers indicating their distance from the pretend honeybee hive, attendees practiced this unique form of communication practiced only by honeybees. The workshop had about 40 attendees, and each left the workshop with samples of a Rainy Weather lesson and various activity “iCards” (integration cards in Math, Creative Arts and Language and Literacy).

We are already looking forward to next year. If you can’t wait until then, download our ECHOS workshop handout here.

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