A “Rocket Trip” from 1958

Want to take a rocket trip back in time? We recently discovered a reel of tape 54 years old, with a faded label reading “Rocket Trip 1958.” At this time, the Miami Science Museum was housed at its old location, the Miami Women’s Club, and this reel is a tape of the planetarium show of the day. This reel, the oldest one found to date, appears to have been created in conjunction with WKAT, which in 1958 was one of the most popular AM radio stations in Miami. The show on this tape was most likely one of the last planetarium shows run at the old Miami Science Museum location.  After it was found, the tape was transferred in-house here at the Museum using an Akai reel to reel and processed using Audacity software. The beginning of the show is missing, but have a listen to the show and the old time radio sound effects. It is a trip!

Listen or Download the show at: http://kiwi6.com/file/or3wln4tak


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