Baby’s First Museum

It’s not something normally recounted in baby albums, but as you read this story, you may start to wonder … “Why not?” You always hear about baby’s first words, first steps, first laugh – but what about baby’s first museum? Recently the Museum received a lovely email from a family who brought their 3 month old son to our Museum, on a free-admission day sponsored by Smithsonian Magazine’s Museum Day Live. They were not sure how much he would even react to the trip. But as it turns out, baby loved the Museum just as much as mommy did when she came here as a child. This is the kind of story that makes our work at the Museum all the more worthwhile, and with the family’s permission, we are excited to share their email and a photo from their visit here:

Thank you to Smithsonian Magazine’s Museum Day Live for a very special, fun and memorable day! My husband, Jeff, and I took our three month old son, Colton, to his first museum! We went to the Miami Science Museum. We figured since it is a free day, we can stay just a few minutes or hours depending on the baby. Colton LOVED all the sights and sounds of the museum. He was so happy, alert and excited. We stayed for several hours and Colton was perfect the entire time with smiles, laughter and expressions of awe and amazement! I remembered vividly going to the same museum as a child with my family and on school trips…….and now here I am introducing my son to the magic of the museum and planetarium. We will always remember this day! – Tracy

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  1. Janet Hedrick says:

    What a great story! I think it is a great idea to introduce a baby to a museum – as one of the important “first” events in the child’s life.

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