Bienvenidos a Miami, Will and Jaden Smith!

It’s not every day that you walk a red carpet, let alone meet a movie star, but yesterday, hundreds of people got to do just that, right here at the Museum. Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith stopped by the Museum to celebrate the premiere of their new movie After Earth. Will even rapped a few bars of “Welcome to Miami” before he and Jaden presented a big check (literally) to Museum CEO Gillian Thomas, which will support 100 students in our Upward Bound program. Some lucky people even got to come into the Planetarium for a special preview of After Earth, and a Q&A with Will and Jaden. So, why did all this happen at the Miami Science Museum? Because, as Will and Jaden described, one of the main messages of the movie is that we need to understand and take care of our Earth, because it’s the only planet we’ve got!

will smith 2

Will spent a lot of time greeting fans, signing autographs, and taking photos.

will smith check

Will and Jaden presented a generous check to Museum CEO Gillian Thomas, to support the Museum’s Upward Bound program.

will jaden smith

After watching a preview of After Earth in the Museum’s Planetarium, Will and Jaden answered questions from their biggest fans.

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