Book Fair Fun

Have you ever written a story together with thousands of good friends? Have you ever made your own robot that can scribble colorful patterns on a piece of paper? Did you come to the Miami Science Museum’s tent at the Miami Book Fair International this past weekend? If you answered yes to the last question, chances are you answered yes to the other questions too. This year, the Miami Science Museum filled a tent at the Book Fair with activities all about robots and other cool technologies. You could design your own robot helmet, use recycled materials to design your own robot prototype, and build a robot that will scribble colorful works of art. A student team from FIRST Robotics Competition even brought a robot that they designed and built themselves!

Being at the Book Fair is a chance to explore all kinds of adventures within the pages of all kinds of books. So we also thought that it would only make sense to give visitors to the Museum’s tent a chance to write their own adventure story. It all starts with that first person, who writes that first sentence. Maybe it’s about a friendly robot. The next person comes along and writes the next sentence. And so on. So when any of our young co-authors come back, they can see what adventures the friendly robot has been up to!

We also had our own busy bee in our tent with a table of information and books from the Museum’s Early Childhood Hands-On Science program (ECHOS) – because it’s never too early to start reading and learning science!

Here are some photos of the green-tinted fun at the Museum’s tent at the Book Fair. (No, there is not a cool green filter on our camera. The color of our tent was green, so the light coming into the tent made everything in the tent look green!)


Making “scribble-bots” out of plastic cups, markers, and motors, that can draw cool colorful patterns!


Designing more scribble-bots!


Our ECHOS (Early Childhood Hands-On Science) books and curriculum on sale (

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