Bubbles, Bubbles, and More Bubbles

balloon 1

Few things are more delicate and colorful, or form a better combination of science and imagination, than bubbles. Colombian photographer/artist Santiago Bentancur Z has spent the last decade dedicated to showcasing the magic of bubbles – simple yet complex, common yet unique, art yet science. He has developed a technique combining photography and video to showcase bubbles created in a lab with water, soap, and electricity, and the Museum is now showcasing this work in our current Bubbles exhibit. Last week at the exhibit opening, we welcomed nearly 200 Museum members and supporters who gazed at the 30+ images in the exhibit, enjoyed refreshments, and watched demonstrations by the artist as well as LUSH cosmetics. Come enjoy Bubbles at the Museum, running through December 1, but gaze on these images here first.

balloon 2

balloon 5

balloon 7

balloon 3

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