Clubhouse Fun

For lots of kids, the idea of a clubhouse is a special place that feels like it belongs only to you, and where you and your friends have the freedom to play whatever games you can imagine. At the Computer Clubhouse at the Museum of Science in Boston, young urban youth have a special place where they can work with mentors on their very own science, art, and technology projects, including video production, animation, webpage design, and scientific simulations. This flagship Boston Clubhouse, which began in 1993, has now been replicated across the US and in 21 countries worldwide. Miami Science Museum staff Ted Myers and Mickael Charles recently traveled to the Museum of Science in Boston to learn more about the Computer Clubhouse model, and, along with Clubhouse representatives from Columbia, Palestine, Israel, and throughout the US, receive training from Boston Clubhouse staff. Fun at the Clubhouse training included learning Android App Builder, Lego programs, and Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premier software, as well as a visit to MIT Media Laboratory to meet with the creators of Scratch, a user-friendly programming tool to create interactive games and animations. Another important part of the training revolved around running a Clubhouse, including the importance of youth mentors. It’s kind of like your friend’s big brother or sister who showed you the secret code to get into the clubhouse you had as a kid.

Participants at the Clubhouse training

The Lego workstation near the Clubhouse music studio

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