Come See the New Beehive at the Museum

The bees are here at the Miami Science Museum, thanks to support from the Junior League of Miami! Don’t worry – these are NOT killer bees. These are European honey bees, which are known to be calm, easily handled, and not at all aggressive. The bees’ main focus is to mind their own business and work on their hive, which was set up last weekend by Inese and Jason Bunch from Bunch Farms. Inese got the colony of bees settled in their new home, which is also a new exhibit at the Museum where you can see inside the everyday lives and home of bees. So next time you are at the Museum, you will be able to see the bees close-up from inside the Museum, while the bees still have access to the outside environment. You may even see a bee with a blue dot on her back. This is the queen, and every hive has one. You also may see the bees wiggle in certain patterns and angles. Bees do this to communicate with other bees, telling them where good sources of pollen can be found. Or you may just see them busily buzzing about their hive.

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