Come to the Museum this Weekend for NEXT: From Nano to Macro, Innovation at Every Scale!

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Isaac Newton said this, referring to the process of scientific discovery. Questions lead to innovation. What comes next is more questions… After that comes the next great innovation. Each person, and each innovation, builds on previous knowledge, and the possibilities are endless.

This weekend at the Museum, come “stand on the shoulders of giants” at NEXT: From Nano to Macro, Innovation at Every Scale, sponsored by Ryder. You will be amazed at the innovations of others, from the tiniest to the biggest scale. And maybe you will see a bit further, and you will be the innovator of what’s NEXT!

See the event showcased in the Miami Herald!

Click here or on the image below for more event information.

See you there!

NEXT flyer

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