Coming Soon: A Hurricane Science Exhibition Brought to You By State Farm and Miami Science Museum

State Farm has generously donated $14,500 to the Museum in support of a future exhibition and programming that will explore how hurricanes have shaped and will continue to affect the physical and social landscape of South Florida. The exhibition will be very interactive and educational, including a specialized bilingual emergency preparedness kiosk and two hurricane-focused events, so that visitors can find valuable information and resources to better prepare them for natural disasters.

Miami Science Museum VP of Content Development & Programs Jennifer Santer; Frank Manusky and his daughter Madison, a 6th grader at Lyons Creek Middle School; Museum President and CEO Gillian Thomas; Iris Lopez, State Farm Agent; Jose Soto, Public Affairs Specialist; and Sean Duran, VP of Exhibitions at MSM.

“Increased awareness is key in lessening the risk of injury and destruction from natural disasters,” said Jose Soto, State Farm Community Specialist. “This exciting partnership with the Miami Science Museum will help spotlight hurricane awareness for South Florida families, helping them understand the importance of disaster preparedness. Our State Farm mission is to help people prepare for the unexpected, and this collaborative hurricane prep effort will help protect and increase the safety of Florida families.”

The exhibition will feature the technologies and expertise of Florida International University’s International Hurricane Research Center and will give visitors the opportunity to check out the instruments and methods professionals use to predict, track and assess weather patterns. At the heart of the exhibition, will be the Museum’s interactive spherical display known as “Magic Planet,” a system that enables visitors to explore connections between global climate change and hurricanes, with a focus on possible impacts on South Florida, and to track actual hurricanes on the 4-foot spherical display during storm season.

Magic Planet

Hands-on activities will include miniature model house building where visitors can test if their creations can withstand hurricane force winds, as well as an air canon that simulates the way debris flies during a major storm.

The funding will also support two major events at the Museum: “Feel the Force: Hurricanes and Other Hazards” to be held June 2, 2012, and a special event marking the 20th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew to be held August 24, 2012. The Museum welcomes the community to attend both events. The exhibition will open in phases coinciding with both Feel the Force and Hurricane Andrew events.

For more information about the Museum’s exhibits, please visit:

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