Coral Science Stars

There are endless stars in the sky, and there is endless potential in the “science stars” at Miami Heights Elementary School. The Museum is continuing to work with Miami-Dade County Public Schools in the Science Stars program, to provide access to the Museum and to local scientists – especially for students that may not have had the opportunity otherwise. As always, the program experience begins with a “Science Star” scientist visiting the school to share their research. Karlisa Callwood, Public Programs Manager at the Museum, and PhD student at the University of Miami’s Abess Center for Ecosystem Science and Policy, came to the school to talk about corals. What are corals? How do they eat? How do they grow? What causes their coloring? Students had a chance to show off what they learned in a “Class Feud” game with Karlisa, and they were paying attention, because they got every question right!

Several days later, 124 students and their families returned to the Museum, where they got to see real coral and other marine life in the Museum’s Sea Lab – they even got to touch some marine critters in the touch tanks! Said one boy to his giggling sister, “see, animals love me!” After seeing a special planetarium show, dancing on the energy dance floor, and enjoying some complimentary pizza, the entire Museum experience inspired this comment from one little girl: “I’m so excited to be here.”  After which her mom said, “It’s all she could talk about all week.” There is a science-star-in-the-making.


Students had lots of questions for Science Star Karlisa Callwood about corals!


Then students got to touch some real sea critters in the touch tanks in the Museum’s Sea Lab!

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