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Art and science tend to be separated in people’s minds. They are separate classroom subjects. They are (usually) housed in separate museums. One is expression, and the other is understanding. But if art is all about experimenting with the expression of ideas, and science is all about experimenting with the world around you, why can’t they be in the same museum – or even the same exhibit?

On Tuesday, June 10, over 160 guests gathered at the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science for the launch of the Curious Vault Collaborations event series. Showcasing the importance of creativity and innovation in science, the event brought together local thought leaders for a cutting-edge panel discussion exploring the intersection between art and science.

The discussion also focused on the inaugural Curious Vault Collaborations exhibit “Do Brain Corals Dream of Algal Symbionts?” and how the Curious Vault Collaborations project, a periodic exhibition and online cabinet of curiosities, joins together a local artist and scientist to create a tabletop display showcasing both art and science. The exhibit is a massive brain coral, artistically embellished with custom-made neon tubing. The result is a seemingly infinite view of neon and brain coral, a visual effect that simulates a view of an actual coral reef from under the waves. The only materials used, in addition to the brain coral itself, are neon, an acrylic two-way mirror, red oak, a soundtrack, and electronics.

The discussion featured the exhibit’s creators Dr. Andrew Baker, associate professor of Marine Biology & Fisheries at the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, and local artist Sinisa Kukec of Spinello Projects. They were joined by local writer Nathaniel Sandler, founding member of the Bookleggers community mobile library, and Kevin Arrow, Art & Collection Manager for the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science.

Prior to the discussion, guests enjoyed libations courtesy of Finlandia Vodka and Desperados beer, and light bites by Sushi Chef Japanese Restaurant & Market and The Better Chip.

Come see our inaugural artistic science project, or scientific art project, currently on display at the Museum.

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