Dancing Skeletons

A dancing skeleton sounds like it could be scary, but at the Miami Science Museum, it’s fun, it helps you learn about science and your body, and you can even use it as a tool to create a museum exhibit. The SPICE program (Science Program Inspiring Creative Exhibits), funded by JP Morgan Chase, allows middle school girls to developed their own tabletop exhibits about the human body, all the while learning about technology and science careers and gaining confidence in their communication skills. Exhibits that each girl created included a hand-drawn image of her own skeleton overlaid on a photo of herself doing some kind of movement of her choice. Some girls did backbends, some did handstands, and some did dance movements. After meeting with artist Maritza Molina, who taught the girls how to accurately and artistically draw human bones, each girl completed her own exhibit, combining art, science, and… dancing skeletons.

“Through SPICE I realized that the body systems have a lot to do with dance, which is what I love. My favorite part of the program was drawing my skeleton doing a tilt. It made me realize what bones move when I do that certain movement. – Keishana Davis























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