ECHOS Children Get a Head Start on Adventure at the Museum

Adventures at the Miami Science Museum are for all ages. Recently, ECHOS Head Start classrooms have come to the Museum on field trips, thanks to the Open Access Grant provided by the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs, and buses provided by the Miami-Dade County Community Action and Human Services. In total, 628 children along with 120 adults from 17 different Head Start Centers have come to the Museum for field trips that have been aligned with the main concepts of the ECHOS program and that are designed to enhance age-appropriate, preschool science learning. Upon arrival, children and chaperones are greeted by Museum staff and started on their adventure. Children can see how their own movements are transformed into energy and music on the Energy Dance Floor, and then meet turtles, birds, alligators, and all the other amazing creatures in the Wildlife Center. After blasting off to the “Friendly Stars” in the Planetarium, children go on a guided tour of the Sea Lab, where they can see marine species up-close. Like all good adventure stories, we hope this one will have a sequel when the children come back for their next visit to the Museum.

For more information about the ECHOS Curriculum and how to purchase related materials, see:





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