Energy Jam at MiaSci

Last summer, the Museum collaborated with the Little Haiti Cultural Center on a week-long summer camp program called Energy Jam. Energy Jam was a fun-filled experience that brought together North Miami High science teacher Audrey Golaub, exhibit developer Paul Orselli and Haitian artist Edouard Duval Carrie to let kids from Little Haiti explore the art and science of renewable energy. Kids learned to use a variety of everyday materials to harness the power of wind, water, sun and people to develop practical solutions to the challenges that arise when the power goes out, such as after an earthquake or hurricane.

“It was incredible to see the students turn their ideas into working exhibit prototypes using alternative energy sources like solar panels and windmills in just a week,” said Paul Orselli, President and Chief Instigator, Paul Orselli Workshop (POW!). “Each and every Energy Jam group developed unique technical solutions with wonderfully creative twists that really highlighted the intersection between art and science.”

Recently, the students from Energy Jam were invited to the Miami Science Museum to participate in the unveiling of the new Energy Jam exhibit, featuring the colorful prototypes constructed by the campers as well as a video depicting highlights from the summer program. In addition, participants and their families all enjoyed a full day of activities including a visit to the Museum’s Energy Tracker, Fuels of the Future and Room for Debate exhibits, a visit to our Wildlife Center (supported by the Batchelor Foundation), and a Planetarium show.

“I was truly impressed with the interest and enthusiasm of the students,” said Audrey Golaub. “I believe we have inspired young minds to help solve our energy crisis in the future.”

Energy Jam was made possible by funding from the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and The Children’s Trust Youth Arts Enrichment Program (YEP), and the U. S. Department of Energy.

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