‘Expedition: Arctic!’ Mini-Exhibit Now on Display


Did you know the Museum recently participated in an international Arctic expedition to better understand climate processes in the Polar Region? In August-September 2013, the Museum’s Science Curator, Lindsay Bartholomew, joined a team of scientists aboard the Russian research vessel, Akademic Fedorov, as part of an international effort to study climate processes in the polar region, including physical oceanography, atmospheric science, ocean chemistry and the carbon cycle.

At the new “Expedition: Arctic!” mini-exhibit currently on display at the Museum, Lindsay shares her experience on what most would consider a surreal adventure, and the exhibit itself gives visitors a small taste of that incredible experience. You will see a short video of what an Arctic scientific expedition is really like – from blue sea ice, to white polar bears, to amazing scientific equipment – all told by the scientists who experienced it. You will see a real piece of styrofoam that has been shrunken after being sent 2,000 feet under the ocean. The exhibit will teach you about the tools and techniques scientists used on the vessel to learn about Earth’s climate, and will introduce you to some of the scientists that went on the expedition. You will even meet Lindsay’s special friend “Willy the Box Turtle” who joined the expedition as a representative “mascot” from Miami. Most of us dream about exploring the vast depths of the Arctic, yet very few of us will be able to do so. This exhibit gives us dreamers, and perhaps future scientists, the motivation to turn that dream into a reality!

At the Museum, we are working hard to create flexible, innovative furniture systems, exhibit components and interactive experiences, to ensure the Museum is always up-to-date for even the most frequent of visitors. The “Expedition: Arctic!” exhibit structure is a prototype for these new exhibition structures that will be featured at the new facility currently under construction in Museum Park in downtown Miami. Ideal as both an exhibit and a demonstration space, the “Expedition: Arctic!” exhibit will soon be transformed to showcase a whole new type of science later this fall!

“Expedition: Arctic!” is on display through mid-summer. To learn more about Lindsay’s trip to the Arctic, check out our Lindsay in the Arctic blog portal.

Science Curator Lindsay Bartholomew

Science Curator Lindsay Bartholomew

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