FedEx Helps the Museum Restore Oleta River State Park

Florida’s coastal environments are vital for many plant and animal species – including humans. The Museum’s volunteer restoration project, MuVE (Museum Volunteers for the Environment) works to not only restore our coastal environments, but also to empower Miami’s residents to help in the effort, by planting native species in areas that have been overrun or fragmented by expanding urban development. On Saturday, over 65 FedEx employees volunteered to join the effort. FedEx, now celebrating its 40th anniversary, is committed to environmental efforts and reducing its carbon footprint. FedEx not only sponsored Saturday’s restoration event via a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, but local FedEx volunteers participated in the event at Oleta River State Park. This area has been mainly landfill since a failed development project in the 1950s, and the goal of the restoration was to give Florida’s largest urban park back to nature. The best way to do this is to plant species that are native to the area, like sea grapes and cocoplums, and then just sit back and let nature do its job. The 65 volunteers from FedEx, along with MuVE staff, planted over 20 species of native hardwood hammock trees and shrubs – almost 700 trees in all – throughout 1.3 acres of Oleta River State Park. It’s just one more step towards returning south Florida to its roots.

For volunteer opportunities, contact Michelle Beumer at 305-646-4243 or

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