First Annual Energy Challenge a Great Success

Visitors of all ages cranked, jumped, pulled, climbed and danced their way to victory during MiaSci’s first annual Great Energy Challenge, which took place on Saturday, April 23rd in celebration of Earth Day. The Museum’s recently completed interactive Energy Tracker exhibit was transformed for the day into an obstacle course, allowing teams to compete for the best score as they completed a variety of challenges, such as seeing how fast they could generate the maximum amount of power on the Energy Dance Floor, or how many pulls it took them to get to the top of the Museum’s giant Human Yo-Yo.

Besides the obstacle course, teams also competed in a Recyclables Design Challenge, using an assortment of materials and their creativity and imagination to create a house with working windows, doors, and renewable energy features. To cap it all off, teams faced off in a round of Environmental Jeopardy, testing their eco-savvy based on exhibits in the Museum’s Room for Debate, the Earth from Space exhibit, and Wildlife Center (supported by the Batchelor Foundation). Team members competing in this first annual event ranged from six year-old Angel Escobar to a group of coworkers from Perry Ellis. Students from the Museum’s ongoing Upward Bound youth program also took part in the fun. “It was fun competing with the other teams and I learned a lot, like that an LED light burns energy slower than a radio would,” said Upward Bound student Sofia Galiano.

Winning teams received gift cards, tickets to an upcoming Arsht Center musical and fun Earth Day toys.

“The event was a great success, and showed us some ways that we can improve on it and make it even more exciting in coming years”, said Adriana Oliva, the Museum’s Marketing and Sales Manager. “We also think this would make a great corporate team building activity, or an activity to include as part of a Family Day for some of our corporate sponsors”.

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