Fun with ECHOS

In February and March, the fun and learning continued for teachers participating in the Museum’s ECHOS (Early Childhood Hands-On Science) program with two professional development workshops. Each one is for 45 classrooms (90 teachers and teacher assistants) around Miami. In the unit about measuring, teachers learn how to introduce children to the concept of one inch. So children use 1-inch blocks as tools to measure things around them. But how do you make it even more fun for young children? Put it to rhythm, and, move around! ECHOS staff and participating teachers modeled a sing-along activity designed to integrate science with language and literacy. You can sing it too (to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat).

The next workshop had ECHOS teachers learning how to teach young children to investigate scientific concepts like volume, density, and water displacement. Teacher assistants pretended to be the children and practiced all the activities, including one that integrated science and math. What’s the object of the game? Run with a cup of water, dump the water in a bucket, throw the cup into a bag, and run back to the start while your teammate does the same. When the buckets are full, we can see how many cups of water filled the bucket!

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