GECO: Girls Engineering Competition Open

On May 21, 2011, the Miami Science Museum hosted an electrical engineering tournament for Miami-Dade County middle schools titled GECO (Girls Engineering Competition Open). The GECO program, which is funded by the Kennedy Family Foundation, addresses the need to increase the number of girls in the engineering pipeline by encouraging them to consider a career in electrical engineering. The event, in which 12 schools participated, included 71 participants, 12 teachers, and 50 parents.

Twelve all-girl teams participated in training workshops at the Museum where they were introduced to educational electronics kits that provide reusable, snap-together circuit components. Each group was challenged to develop a project that has a useful application in a girl’s bedroom, using Snap Circuits components.

The teams’ projects included a pressure-activated carpet that plays sounds when you step on it; a vanity set with a mirror with flashing LED’s; an enhanced dollhouse with lights and fans; and a jewelry box with a spinning ballerina. Congratulations to Ada Merritt K-8 Center for coming in First Place!


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