Get Renewed (Energy) at the Museum

In recent times, energy is always discussed with the adjectives “green,” “renewable,” or clean.” Scientists are always trying to find new ways to generate energy from sources that will not “run out.” For example, we have a practically endless supply of sunlight (used in solar panels), wind (which powers windmills), heat (from the Earth’s underground geothermal energy), and even bacteria (used in microbial fuel cells). We also have a few exhibits at the Museum where you can learn about clean energy:

Air is all around us, so the French engineering company MDI took advantage of this clean energy source to create the AirPod. This car, which is powered by compressed air, can travel up to 45mph, and you can come see this cool car at the Museum.

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the Universe, so why not use hydrogen as a fuel? In another exhibit at the Museum, you can see a model car powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, and the only exhaust released is clean water vapor. For this reason hydrogen is a great option for long-term space travel, since you can use the water left over from burning the hydrogen fuel.

What about us? Energy of motion, called kinetic energy, can be used to generate electricity too. At the Museum, you can make a light bulb light up by riding a bicycle, or if you feel like dancing, you can (literally) light up the Museum’s energy dance floor. So come help generate some clean energy at the Museum!

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