How To Turn an Antique Portable Radio into a Hip Bluetooth Speaker

The antique portable radio in this photo was new and exciting piece of electronics in 1938. It didn’t quite work the same way 75 years later, in 2013. But Robert Cruz, Planetarium Assistant Operations Manager for the Museum, saw a chance to reinvent the radio for the 21st century. Without changing the vintage feel of the radio (which was probably owned by many of our parents and grandparents), he re-worked the guts of the electronics, and now it is a fully functioning Bluetooth speaker.  He also created how-to instructions for anyone else who wants to try it, which was just chosen to be a featured story on Instructables, a site in which users can submit do-it-yourself instructions for all kinds of things. So if you want to know how to turn a radio into a Bluetooth speaker, or anything else, from technology to food to toys - Step 1: Check out Robert’s page, and others, on Instructables. Step 2: Start your own do-it-yourself project. Step 3: Come see us at a Planetarium show at the Museum!

robert radio

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