Instructables: How To _________ (Fill in the Blank)

We have all been there. You see a cool-looking  _______ (fill in the blank). Whether it’s a classic old radio from your grandparent’s house, a broken stereo you found in the closet, or your favorite laser disc that somehow got scratched, you think how great it would be to be able to fix this contraption and make it work again. Robert Cruz, the Assistant Operations Manager for the Planetarium here at the Museum, is one of those people that can make things work again. But Robert also wants to give others the chance to make that ______ work again. He has written several how-to articles, with step-by-step instructions and photos, and published them on the online “how-to” site Instructables. This website is allows you to tap into the knowledge of experts in a million different areas, and also gives you the chance to share your own expertise as well. Robert’s articles have even caught the attention of the editor, and have been featured in the Technology Section of Instructables. Click on the links below for Robert’s Instructables on…

Bringing new life to an old classic Marantz stereo receiver with a class D amp board

How to fix a classic American AM tabletop tube radio

How to polish out scratches on laser discs

Check back to Robert’s Instructables site to see what else you may learn!

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