Max Planck: Images of Science

Last week at the Museum, a new temporary exhibit opened that acts like a hugely powerful magnifying glass. It takes you into cells of the body, up close to the surface of the Sun, into your brain, and right next to the little suction cups on the end of an insect’s legs. Intrigued? Come see the Max Planck Images of Science Exhibition at the Museum, presented by the Max Planck Florida Foundation.

Every year, the Max Planck Society asks scientists from 80 science institutes and research facilities throughout the world to submit images of their research. After a competition to narrow down the submissions, what’s left is a collection of images that seems to be half science and half art. This collection is now presented as a visually stunning exhibition, so we can all learn more about what’s right in front of our noses. Or in our brains. Or in crystals. Or lots of other places you can only imagine.

The temporary exhibition is here at the Museum through September.

At the opening of the Max Planck Images of Science Exhibition: From left to right: Eva Alexandra Countess Kendeffy, Consul General in Miami for the Federal Republic of Germany; Joseph Falk, Vice Chair of the Museum's Board of Trustees; Dr. Claudia Hillinger, President of the Max Planck Florida Foundation

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