Miami Science Museum’s Amazon Voyage

Nearly 1.5 million visitors throughout the U.S. and Canada have enjoyed the Museum’s touring exhibition: Amazon Voyage: Vicious Fishes and Other Riches. Launched in 2005, with competitive funding from the National Science Foundation, the exhibition is currently at the Don Harrington Discovery Center in Amarillo, Texas, marking its 15th venue over the last 5 years. Visitors have enjoyed this remarkable 5,000 square-foot bilingual exhibition, where visitors embark on a voyage along the most biologically diverse river system in the world and encounter creatures worthy of legend, including piranhas, anacondas, caimans, stingrays and pink dolphins.

The Academy of Natural Sciences (ANSP) recently featured one piece of the Amazon Voyage puzzle in its “200 Years. 200 Stories.” segment online. The article on the ANSP website describes the evolution of the modern day piranha from its ancestor the prehistoric Megapiranha which existed about 9 million years ago. The illustration used for the article was created specifically for Amazon Voyage by artist Ray Troll.

 To read the full text, visit:

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