Miami Science Museum Goes to Washington

IMG_20130611_193946_379Last week, our Science Curator, Lindsay Bartholomew, and MuVE Project Coordinator, Michelle Beumer, ventured to Washington D.C. for the Smithsonian Affiliations National Conference. The Miami Science Museum is just one of over 170 museums nationwide affiliated with the Smithsonian. The conference serves as a kind of roundtable event, in which affiliates from all over the country can share projects, learn from each other, establish new partnerships, and find out about new opportunities from the Smithsonian to enhance the Museum experience for respective audiences.

While visiting the bustling city, they also explored some of Washington’s classic sights: multiple Smithsonian museums, including the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden and the National Museum of the American Indian, the Washington Monument, and the Capitol building. But the Capitol building and dome tours were no ordinary visit. Lindsay and Michelle were invited to meet with Florida Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, and were given private tours of the Capitol building by her staff – from the top of the dome down to the crypt where George Washington was supposed to be buried. Traveling on the Capitol building’s very own “subway” from one part of Capitol Hill to another, they got a sneak peek into the busy career of a Congresswoman.


The Smithsonian museums, and its network of Smithsonian affiliates, provide opportunities to step back in time to appreciate our history, resources to support current museum efforts, and new prospects that help shape our vision for the future of our museums. Venturing through Capitol Hill with a Congresswoman and her knowledgeable staff was another adventure all its own, and by the end of the trip, Lindsay and Michelle came home with wonderful ideas and new ways of getting you engaged in the Miami Science Museum.

photo 2

On the crypt where George Washington was supposed to be buried


From the Capitol dome, looking toward the Washington Monument


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