Miami Science Museum Reclaims Land for Nature

Last week, Museum staff and Upward Bound students helped restore the Reclamation Project wall at the Wildlife Center for another year.

Each of the 1,111 seedlings that spent a year germinating on the wall were removed and replaced with new seedlings collected by volunteers at Virginia Key. This marks the fourth year the mangrove wall has been replanted. The seedlings that were replaced will be planted next week by a similar group of Museum volunteers at Virginia Key. This annual activity brings Museum staff together to celebrate our environmental resources and help restore mangrove wetlands and urban habitats.

“The effort from Museum staff epitomizes the heart and soul of the Project; to engage Miami residents to reclaim land for nature” said Reclamation Project Director, Fernando Bretos. “As humans are the primary cause for coastal wetland deforestation, the act of restoration allows us to be the solution as well”

The Reclamation Project is a participatory eco-art based restoration project that engages Miami residents to reclaim land for nature, one seedling at a time. The 1,111 Red mangrove seedlings on the wall at the Wildlife Center are metaphorically reclaiming a concrete structure for what once thrived there; a mangrove forest. The Reclamation Project is the brainchild of local Miami artist Xavier Cortada.

To support the Reclamation Project, please visit:

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