MiaSci Summer Camp – Crazy Contraptions

This week’s group of 6-8th graders, lead by MiaSci camp veteran Richard Cheney, is building a series of levers and pulleys to create elevators and other devices in the Crazy Contraptions class. Mr. Cheney is a 4th grade teacher at Oliver Hoover Elementary, but for the past 11 years he has been a MiaSci camp instructor. When asked what keeps him coming back, he exclaimed: “Look around you! Campers are able to participate in hands-on activities by building things.”

Nathan Moreno-Mendelson, a 13-year-old who will be an 8th grader this upcoming August, said that his favorite part was getting “The chance to build and be creative. They’re not that strict about what you do on each day. I built my trebuchet on slope day!”

Nearby, 11-year-old Damien Richmond was building a catapult with an elevator using the techniques he learned earlier in the week. His favorite part of camp is “Building new things and coming up with new ideas.”

These campers are also getting a special treat: chess! Mr. Cheney leads the chess club at Oliver Hoover and says: “Sometimes the kids need a break from what they are building, so they free their mind playing chess or doing other things inside the classroom.” No wonder Mr. Cheney has been back to camp so many times, he knows how well kids can express themselves building crazy contraptions all while having fun learning.

For additional information about MiaSci Summer Camp, please visit http://www.miamisci.org/summercamp/classinfo.php or call Karlisa Callwood at (305) 646-4233. Summer camp consists of eight one-week sessions from June 20th through August 12th, for campers in Pre-K–Fifth Grade. Camp hours are: 9:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. Before and after care are available.

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