Museum VP Jennifer Santer Selected as 2013 Noyce Leadership Fellow

The Museum is proud to announce an exceptional achievement by our own Vice President of Content and Programs, Jenifer Santer. Her ongoing work to positively impact the Museum and the broader community has been recognized by the prestigious Noyce Leadership Institute (NLI), which has selected her to be a 2013 Noyce Leadership Fellow. The following press release is just the beginning – more to come!

jen noyce 2The Noyce Leadership Institute (NLI) has selected Jennifer Santer, Vice President of Content and Programs for the Miami Science Museum, to serve as a 2013 Noyce Leadership Fellow. In this capacity, she will seek to increase the public impact of science centers, museums, and related institutions.

The NLI Fellowship experience brings together leaders in informal science education from around the world to act as change agents at the crossroads of societal trends, global issues, and the cutting edge of science. Throughout the year-long program, fellows address real life challenges – seeking insights and solutions from interaction with faculty, executive coaches, other program advisors, and their peers.

As the Museum’s Vice President of Content and Programs, Ms. Santer is responsible for developing and delivering visitor experiences that are consistent with the Museum’s overall mission and vision. She leads content development for the Museum’s new building now under construction in downtown Miami, using the current facility as a platform for prototyping new strategies and approaches.

A key aspect of the Museum’s approach is to go beyond engagement and learning, by connecting people with opportunities to make changes or take actions that enhance their lives and benefit the broader community. Ms. Santer’s fellowship will focus on developing this ‘action’ strand of the Museum’s approach, building on lessons learned from the Museum’s ongoing volunteer-based mangrove restoration project.

According to the Noyce Foundation, Ms. Santer was selected for this prestigious program because of her ability to influence others, manage change, and make an impact on her institution and community.

The 2013 Noyce Leadership Fellows were selected through a competitive process by a committee composed of professionals representing the fields of informal science education and executive leadership. The Fellowship program provides an action-learning framework via a mix of face-to-face sessions, executive coaching, peer learning, audio conferencing, and other learning strategies over a year, followed by ongoing Fellow alumni activities.

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