MUVE and Wells Fargo #GreenTeam ‘Team Up’ at Virginia Key

On Saturday, July 12, Wells Fargo attended a Museum Volunteers for the Environment (MUVE) habitat restoration event and presented the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science with a $74,542 grant award through its Environmental Solutions for Communities grant program.


The Wells Fargo grant, in addition to $125,000 donated to MUVE in 2013, is supporting volunteer-led environmental restoration activities at Virginia Key North Point, a highly diverse barrier island just off the coast of downtown Miami. North Point hosts an active sea turtle nesting beach, dunes, freshwater wetlands and acres of coastal hardwood forest. The area is being transformed into one of Miami’s only public spaces specifically designated for recreational use and the conservation of flora and fauna. Only three months ago, the beach was suffocated in invasive plants and unusable. In the past month, volunteers have planted 18,000 sea oats and loggerhead turtles have laid seven nests. Adjacent to cultural landmark Miami Marine Stadium, North Point is an ecological treasure Miami can be proud of.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 12.53.37 PM

The Wells Fargo #GreenTeam joined MUVE to replant sea oats on the dune at Virginia Key North Point, stabilizing the area with native vegetation. Earlier volunteer efforts at the site involved volunteers in removing invasive plant species and establishing a baseline for monitoring future improvements to the site. To read coverage of the event via El Nuevo Herald, click here.

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