Neuron’s Cradle

Remember Cat’s Cradle? That game where you and a friend wrap strings around and between your fingers to create different shapes? If you don’t know it, or don’t remember, let the girls in the Museum’s SPICE program (Science Program Inspiring Creative Exhibits) show you. These girls from Charles Drew Middle School created a science exhibit about how neurons in the brain work by transmitting information through an intricate network of pathways, and displayed their exhibit at a Family Day event. Make sure to click on the video below to see how the girls used the Cat’s Cradle game to illustrate neurons in the brain!

Today a doctor came to our class and taught us about the nervous system. The brain is made up of neurons. The neuron is made up of axon, soma, and dendrites. Mayling (7th grade)

Neuroscientists have an important job to do and discover new treatments and medicine to make sick people well again. Loretha (8th grade)

Today we went on a field trip to Miami Dade College Medical Campus. They have very cool and expensive mannequins that can cry, give birth to a baby, urinate, sweat, and speak and much more. I said I want to be a lawyer but now I am talking about to be a doctor or a nurse. Dawn (6th grade)

Today, wow! I had so much fun OMG! Doing this project can teach everyone something in life. Being in this SPICE girl program can really help a lot of people. Santavia (7th grade)

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