New Residents of the Sea Lab

Have you ever heard of a Bulbnose tang, a glass anemone, or a Vlamingi tang? Most people have probably not. They are species of marine life that are very rarely seen in an aquarium. But the Museum is always looking for unique and hard-to-locate species to invite to live in our Sea Lab, and these little creatures have just accepted the invitation. The glass anemones and the Vlamingi tangs are already in the tanks and ready to greet visitors, and the Bulbnose tang will soon join. Come to the Sea Lab and meet our new residents!


The Bulbnose tang gets its name from the bulb-like shape of its “nose.” Our Bulbnose tangs are juveniles, which do not yet have the full bulbnose.


This glass anemone is so rare that we helped them identify the species, found in the China Sea. Their powerful sting has also earned them their alternate name squid tentacle anemone.


Our Vlamingi tangs are now juveniles who will grow to look like this adult – who is all grown-up at 2 inches long.

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