RACE: Are We So Different?


Come to the Museum’s current exhibition Race: Are We So Different? and one of the first sentences you will encounter is: “Race is a recent human invention.” Throughout the exhibition, originally developed by the Science Museum of Minnesota and now on location here in Miami, you will learn more about this idea, and explore some questions like:

What is race?
Why do we come in different colors?
How would the US census have counted you over the last two centuries?
How are we alike and different?

Do you know the answers to these questions? (Hint: sometimes there are multiple answers, and not everyone will have the same initial reply.) What makes this exhibition distinctive is that it is designed to spark conversation, in addition to providing some of those answers. As you go through the exhibit, you can “meet” people of different backgrounds via story and video, find comfortable chairs arranged in a circle and even a re-creation of the front stoop of a building, to discuss the varied and thought-provoking perspectives you are encountering.

Join us on February 20 for a RACE Cultural Program organized by the Anti-Defamation League of Miami, as former white supremacist Angela King discusses her journey and message of hope and unity.



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