Reclamation Project on Care2!

Art. Science. Mangroves. These three words are not usually put in the same sentence. But they are the core ideas behind the Museum’s Reclamation Project, which has a singular goal to help reclaim south Florida environments for nature. As part of the project, over 1,100 red mangrove seedlings growing in clear cups of water cover one exterior wall of the Museum, in a thought-provoking exhibit showing that we can all make a difference in the world. Fernando Bretos, Reclamation Project Director, Audubon TogetherGreen Fellow, and Kinship Conservation Fellow, wrote an article about the project which was recently published by Care2, the largest online community in the world for environmental activism. With over 19 million members, Care2 is a great place to help spread the word that even though the world is a big place, every person, and every little mangrove seedling, can make a difference. Click here to check out the article on Care2!

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