Reptile Day!

Reptiles are amazing creatures. It’s unfortunate that sometimes they have a bad reputation. You need to be respectful of them, just like any other animal, but mostly they are perfectly content to spend most of their time just hanging out, relaxing, and eating when they’re hungry. At our Reptile Day event at the Museum, lots of reptiles came out to meet our visitors, and we even had prizes for visitors who registered their pet reptile friends in contests! Special guests on hand at the event included Gator Boys Chris and Ashley from Animal Planet, and Chef Kat Duran, who gave a cooking demonstration on how to eat like a reptile. There was a live venomous snake handling show by Venom One (Miami’s Snakebite Response Team), a live python presentation by a Museum herpetologist, an airboat display by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and a presentation on invasive reptile detection and training by the Everglades Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (ECISMA). We had crafts, activities, and demonstrations all throughout the Museum, like a chameleon camouflage challenge, sea turtle bingo, reptile scavenger hunt, and a lizard personality quiz. Even the turtles got in on the excitement of the day by having a race for our visitors!

Reptile Day is sponsored in part by Venom One, ECISMA, Gatorama, MSM Collections, Zoo Med, GEICO, Tom Crutchfield, and United Pet Group, Inc. For more information about sponsorship opportunities, contact Donald Uricchio at

Just a baby!

Eat like a reptile

Just hanging out






Someone just like you

A new friend

Everyone with new friends!







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